CULTURE CONVO: A minute with Francis Mabborang

iconsquareabcF5F6CB49-28F6-423E-B373A96174EA6556 (1).jpgThe 21st Century – thanks to the proliferation of social media – must find new learning lessons for young children about how we – and how to – communicate.

Enter Nikki Sorrentino & Susan Paroff, Jonathan Brenner, Allison Jacobs, and Sean Paroff.

Their new musical designed for everyone, “Fluffy The Pine,” is designed to be holiday-driven, environmentally-friendly, and explores communication and our connection to the world around us.

The story focuses on the emblem of the holiday – a pine tree. But this personified plant is called “an imperfectly perfect pine tree” and now he must navigate his new home with – not St. Nick or a snowman or even an elf or reindeer, but Mr. Crude, a business tycoon. Together, they can make a change that helps each of them realize their true purpose.

FREE to the public, Fluffy the Pine will perform Monday – Thursday, December 16 – 19 at 7:00 pm at The Producer’s Club, 358 W 44th St, New York City. Written by Nikki Sorrentino, Allison Jacobs, and Susan Paroff, the production has music direction by Jonathan Brenner and stage direction by Susan and Sean Paroff. 

Donations are encouraged and will be given to One Tree Planted and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.


International actor, singer and dancer, Francis Mabborang, will be appearing in this musical. Born and raised in the Philippines, his journey in the performing Arts began in Los Angeles, California with the International Presentation of Performers (iPOP). Currently, he is part of the 2019 Nautical Cast for the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.


Tell us about yourself as an artist

I am a Musical Theater trained. I am influenced with a lot of people in music, dance, and a mixture of golden age and contemporary musical theater. Like all artist, I am always drawn to deliver and connect to arts that are relevant experiences. I am eccentric as one would say because of the variety of genres I am influenced with.

Tell us about Fluffy the Pine

Fluffy The Pine is a quirky musical that tackles one’s purpose and how we communicate ourselves into the world. It is written by a fantastic creative team: Nikki Sorrentino, Susan Paroff, Jonathan Brenner, Allison Jacobs and Sean Paroff. It’s timely for the holidays since it is set in Christmas but I do think the theme of finding one’s purpose is universal as well as the timeliness of Climate Change at this time.

Whom do you play?

I play Manny Martin, Stylist 2 and also a member of the ensemble. It’s a small cast but everyone’s rile and participation tells this story.

What’s the learning lesson of this play?

I find it amusing for me to realize how in small ways we can protect the environment and how one’s unique journey can affect not only yourself but also other people. It’s a domino effect. If it starts affecting you, it will affect other people and your surroundings as well.

What?s next for you?

I am going to be part of a new play at the Hudson Guild Theater this coming March 2020 called Stillness of July written and directed by Reyna de Jesus.

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