Junte-se a Daniel Fadione e Guillaume Dion para um “Sing-Over”

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Daniel Fadione and Guillaume Dion have converted the jazzy West End Lounge into their bedroom for a SingOver… and they’d like you to join them.

That may sound weird but Brazilian singing sensation, Daniel Fadione and French-Canadian piano-master, Guillaume Dion, offer up a joyous, heart-warming night of memories and music. Daniel’s had a rocky ride to get where he is in life and now he tells his story – with stories and music. Daniel found himself in music, hence the title: I’m Nothing But A Song.


The one-night-only event will be Thursday, October 3 @ 7:00 p.m. at the west End Lounge, 955 West End Avenue, NYC. Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased at BrownPaperTickets.

The world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to everything fro social media to amazon.com. We have the great opportunity to hear, see, and meet amazing international singers like Daniel and astute musicians like Guillaume.

W4M didn’t want to miss an opportunity to chat with Daniel about his journey.

Tell us about yourself as an artist.

I’m a singer and actor. I’ve seen music as a way to express myself to speak up my mind and share my feelings. My concerts are my way to connect with people to share my point of view on subjects as love, life, bullying, courage. I see music and performing as a privilege and so, it’s my duty to give people besides entertainment something they can think about and be inspired by. This is me as an artist, someone who wants to change the world by sharing love and empathy with others.

What was the inspiration in coming to the United States?

I lived in Salt Lake City when I was younger and It’s always been my plan to be back for concerts. American music and artists basically made me who I am musically. Broadway has taught me to act my songs and then, after so many years of being inspired by this culture I felt I owed  America and Americans a concert as a way to say “thank you, I hope I you’re proud of me”

How were you received internationally (your own country)?

It’s been amazing! Guillaume Dion and I are having such a great time sharing our concert with people all over the globe. Although I sing in Portuguese, French, English and Italian, people are very open and they really connect to us. Music is a universal language.

Is this act autobiographical?

Yes, it is. When I was planning this act, I wanted it to be super intimate, so I decided that the stage would be my bedroom and that I was welcoming the audience into a kind of “sleepover”. Then, I feel totally comfortable to tell the stories of my life through the songs that have inspired me so much.

What do you want your audience to take-away from the performance?

I want them to feel inspired to see life as a journey. A journey that has good and bad moments, but in the end of the day, all that really matters is loving yourself and spreading your love!

What’s next?

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Guillaume Dion

After these shows in Montreal and NYC, Guillaume and I are taking the show back to Rio, São Paulo, and in 2020 we’ll tour some cities in Europe and of course, we will definitely be back for more concerts in NYC and hopefully in other cities around the States.

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