Lady [in Black] Sings the Blues!


Performance artist, Mary Elizabeth Micari, continues her acclaimed journey of self-discovery filled with great humor and memorable music. This time she tackles her [first] marriage, her exploration into spirituality … and the 90s!

Her growth is also commercial as she now enlisted MAC Award winner, Tracy Stark, to create a great night of music and memories. She also plans to utilize a bevy of instrumentation from her arsenal of world music accouterments. Classical harpist, Richard Spendio, and rock drummer, John Dinello, will be on hand to play an array of international instrumentation.

She comes back to Pangea, the famed East Village night club.

The Lady in Black 2: Between the Sun and the Moon, premieres at Pangea, 178 2nd Ave in NYC, on Saturday October 26, 2019 at 9:30 PM.

Five Star has spoken with Mary many times. Now, she will be the subject of a three-part series about what it takes to create a sustaining and entertaining act in NYC cabaret and night clubs.


44618641_2204349706502827_3034889552813621248_nWhat obstacles did you/are you facing in connecting and orchestrating the music? 

None! I have a fantastic musical director in Tracy Stark and two lovely musicians as well.  I think the only work is the stripping away of all the types of drum machines, synthesizers and effects in 90’s music and do it with just a few instruments.

You’ve worked in so many disciplines – musical theater, jazz, blues, opera, even world music – even composition. Is there a favorite? 

Nope love all music all the time…really.




What are your criteria for material and collaborators? 

I must have people on stage with me that I trust.  I must know that they are there to support me not try to stop the flow of music or upstage me.  I don’t want to carry them on my back either, which in the past I have had to do.  I like banter, ideas and much input from the people I am working with. Material is based on the time period of the story in the case of the Lady in Black series. The Granny’s Blue-Mers work I do is specifically mostly female based dirty blues and jazz from before 1950. That’s a more historical piece.

44514335_2204351133169351_6317516066255798272_oInteresting mix – a classical harpist and a rock drummer – how’d you figure that? 

Just sort of morphed. Much of this music is Witchy and needs Celtic sounds like harp and older instruments like the Hurdy-Gurdy and chimes. The other music in the show is straight up 90’s music most of it rock or alternative.  That calls for a rock drummer with power!





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