DO me
Review by Angela Juarez

Date Me, Do Me, Dump Me the Musical was about these three ladies who like to explore, date around with some fellas, and then come back to the bar to talk about their latest dating experiences with them. Either good or bad dates, the experience brings them closer together as they still discover the mystery of a man’s thought process.

The four main actors were set with different personalities and different dating experiences but they all had one thing in common. They’ve all wanted to have a boyfriend to love, to express their desires, and someone to rock their worlds aka womenhoods. The creator Steve Mitchell brilliantly set up this theme as women struggling to find love in this lonely world with uproarious moments for these four ladies when they took it up a nudge to bring a 5th person which was the male waiter who came into the scene with four cliché women who really wanted someone to be there for them.


Set up: GREAT
Atmosphere: GREAT
The Music: GREAT – The show’s creator, Steven Mitchell, used original music and lyrics by Marianne Forti and Leah Gray (“Two Chicks and a Casio”) to great effect.

The Ladies: Really GREAT – Brought so much to the table with great (and groaning) humor – not to mention exquisite stereotypic characterizations.

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