By George! … He smokin’ hot with jazz & blues

Rev. Mary is synonymous with wild and woolly wordplay from back in the day. For a while it was sexy banter … but now her act has gotten smokier. I’m Soooo High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue extols the contributions of cannabis as sung by some clever writers spanning 1910-1950. 

Speaking of smokin’ hot … during an open-mic night hosted by Rev. Mary some time ago, a towering gent with a voice like champagne and filet mignon stepped onto her stage and never left!

13102620_10156891225605054_6892771105380531641_n.jpgJazz and blues master, George Dixon joined Rev. Mary’s All-Man Band and is now a featured performer for this ode to the original jive … Marijuana.

Here’s a few comments from a man of few but definitive and deep words …

Tell us about yours as artist

I am an artist first and foremost. I am not a Jazz singer, or a blues singer, or a calypso singer. Though I sing all three types, I sing any song that feels comfortable to my soul. I arrange my shows to compliment my image.

Your shows, yes, you’ve produced your own acts. Tell us about the cabaret world from your vantage point. 

MY cabaret world is what feels comfortable for me to present my act. I choose my music, hire my musicians, book a club, and invite family and friends. I’m not a well-known act, yet, but i bring the appropriate amount of audience members to fill my house.



How is it being one of Rev. Mary’s All-Man band?

It’s great being on of Rev. Mary’s All-Man band. The experience alone is priceless.

I love singing harmonies and background as well as leads. Something I always wanted to do but it never fully materialized until now.







What’s next for you? 

More of these shows, man! As long as money permits I want to do more shows. Experiment with different genres of music. Some funk, some reggae. 

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