“Black” is the new Golden

The Lady in Black

Don’t Tell Mama Cabaret

Review by Rebecca Benedict

44509154_2204349729836158_477869898282827776_n.jpgOn the evening of October 20th after a long day and frustrating hustle with the NYC transit I finally found my way to the cozy and warm piano bar on 46th Street: Don’t Tell Mama.

My friends and I scrambled into our seats trying to quietly settle ourselves without disturbing the featured performer who was reading from her diary in-between stunning outbursts of memorable (and a few obscure) tunes.

Mary Elizabeth Micari (aka Rev. Mary) spoke openly and easily as though we were all good friends having a drink at the kitchen table and reminiscing about love and men.

Rev. Mary’s encore performance of ‘The Lady In Black’ walked us through windows of her life. Spinning her yarn, she took us through heavy topics such as love, sex, female complacency, death of a life, and rebirth of another; and educated us on what it is to be a woman on so many of the levels and stages of womanhood then topped it off with dirty humor, jokes and a canon of songs whose beautiful execution yanked the tears – of laughter and pain – from my face.

There is something in the honesty of Rev. Mary and in the warmth of her delivery that makes you open up and lean in effortlessly with out any struggle. She has a stage presence that commands softly and casts a spell of musical delight.

My friends and I left contemplative and empowered by Mary’s openhearted honesty in her story and in her voice.


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