The Super in Supernatural!

wicked-clone-jpg.jpgWicked Clone The Cinema Musical

Review by Jen Bush

Let’s play a game.  You think of a category related to entertainment and I will guarantee you, it’s in Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical.  You like live theatre?  This was vivacious theater.  How about dancing?  Well swivel your hips and do a happy dance because there was dancing abound.  If you like movies, grab some popcorn because you’ll be seeing some action on a big screen.  Considering the fact that most people like vampires, the “stakes” are in your favor if you do too and you get to see this show.  If you like roller skating, beautiful vampy vixens and stunning singing voices, check, check and check again!

Before sinking our teeth into the show, a little background on the amazing women that created this production is warranted.  The Indiggo Twins also known as Gabriela and Mihaela Modorcea were actually born in Transylvania.  As far as I’m concerned, nobody is more qualified to put on a vampire spectacle.  They hail from a lineage of intellect and artistic prowess.  Their father Grid is a writer, filmmaker and critic.  Their mother Violeta is also a writer and a translator.  They studied a multitude of arts including dance and musical instruments at a young age.  Mihaela and Gabriela are modern Renaissance women of entertainment.  They sing, dance, act, write and do so much more in the name of creating art.

Wicked Clone is the consummate story of good vs. evil with good prevailing in the end.  The stage play is based on Mihaela’s best-selling novel, WICKED CLONE or how to deal with the evil.  In the story, twins born of Vlad the Impaler have conflicting agendas.  Mihaela is all about love and light and much like Data from Star Trek, desires to be human.  Her “wicked clone” Gabriela just wants to conquer and kill humans and have Mihaela return to her side and embrace her vampiric legacy. The story is told in song, dance, skate, film, poetry and prose.

These twins put the super in supernatural!  Much like the personality of a Gemini which represents twins (Gemini here!), this show is both a dark and sadistic yet whimsical and joyful romp through Transylvania and New York City.  The cinema aspect was innovatively utilized and ran throughout the show.  We saw scenes of the past with Vlad the Impaler making several foreboding cameos.  The film had a German expressionist/indie/artsy feel and did not make any attempt to be flashy or showy.  Instead it blended with and helped move the story along.  Some of the coolest use of the film was when the twins made clones of themselves on the screen and were dancing along with themselves.

The gypsy pop tunes were catchy sung by strong, clear angelic voices.  The choreography was splendid and perfectly synced with the film.  I would describe it as modern belly dance fusion.  The costumes were gorgeous.  Some were simply beautiful, and some were edgy.  It’s as if Madonna, I Dream of Jeannie and Elvira decided to put on a Transylvanian vogue fashion show.

The twins endeavored to connect with the audience.  At one point, we were invited to sing along to one of the musical numbers.  At the end of the show, in a sweet and poignant moment, the twins brought an audience member onto the stage and had a nice interaction with him.

There was a lot of passion and even more energy.  It was ever so slightly but forgivably corny in some places.  Did I mention that this was strictly a two-woman twintastic operation?  This show was created, written, composed, choreographed and performed by Gabriela and Mihaela.  That’s a lofty undertaking.  They had a vision and “stuck their necks out” to see it through to fruition.  They have youth, beauty, talent and versatility on their side.  Perhaps they really are vampires!  Overall, Wicked Clone is a wickedly fun, spooky and insanely entertaining show.


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