Observations by Michael D’Antoni

Yesterday’s DRAG MUSICAL FESTIVAL at the age old long standing HELL’S KITCHEN FLEA MARKET on 39th Street between 9th and 10th went off with out a hitch even in the rain!

AM NEW YORK rated this event one of the five best things to do this past weekend and without a doubt it lived up to its recommendation!

41442036_1823935370976605_7351621621355905024_nThe HKFM is breathing new life into its outdoor shopping experience theme with the fall kick off of this amazing event in an effort to attract new and more shoppers and foot traffic while upping the brand’s and quality of vendors items that are being offered at the flea market.

Attendees were free to stroll in the rain and partake, browse and purchase from the wide selection all the international goods, artifacts and foods offered by a wide array of vendors all while being entertained for free to the likes of the amazing and talented Master of Ceremonies TYM MOSS.

Tym is a huge talent and always delivers! He aptly opened the show with the Streisand hit “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and closed the show belting the Sinatra Classic “New York, New York” with an all drag cast kick line behind him prancing to his melodic rendition. Tym a consummate professional knows how to carry a show, even in the pouring rain! If there was a show at the top of Mount McKinley in a snow storm and Tym was the Master of Ceremonies the attending audience wouldn’t even notice the flakes, as all would be focused on his engaging charisma and wide vocal range.

In between all this there were some awesome acts to be enjoyed. The wonderfully handsome FRANKIE ALLDAY beautifully sang two love songs that made the audience absolutely melt in the inclement weather (The rain had nothing to do with audience meltdown).

Next the audience was treated to the absolutely soulful and gospel sounds of Reverend Yolanda Mapes who in this humble writers view is one of the most talented and loving individuals on the LGBT circuit today!  Boy can the Reverend carry a tune! She lovingly inspires!

Comedian Ike Avelli had the audience in stitches when he opened his act with his Prince impersonation. All one saw in the audience were a sea of camera phones trying to remain steady and film, whilst the holders were laughing uncontrollably!

Two of the most beautiful “Chicks” from Yonkers gave it their all and it showed as they owned the audience (like putty in there hands) when they both broke the fourth wall and brought their individual acts off stage and into the crowd. SHAY D’PINES and ANGEL ELEKTRA  both captured the likes of two independent and free women who know what they want and go after it like nobody’s business! Their individual and combined vocal and stage presence was awe inspiring. One could not help feeling energized when they took their bows!

And last but definitely not least, all of the preceding acts could not have shone like they did if it were not for the very talented DJ Ian Ford who kept it all together with his musical orchestrations!

A fun and uproarious time was had by all both off and on the stage!

I understand more events are coming to the Newly Revitalized Hells Kitchen Flea Market.  Stayed tuned!

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