Ronny Dutra puede actuar, cantar y bailar … ¡y es hermoso!

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International vocalist and dancer, Ronny Dutra, will be at The Duplex Cabaret Theater on September 8 at 7pm for an encore of his acclaimed musical presentation, THE WAVE.

His autobiographical tale starts at his humble roots in Brazil and transports his audience to the fast paced world of competitive dance in New York City and finally to his current career as a cabaret performance artist.

The Duplex is located at 61 Christopher St. @ 7th Ave. NYC.

It’s been a scant six years since Ronny came to NYC with little money and little command of English, now he’s commanding sold-out/standing-room-only crowds.

He’s livin’ the dream.

But let’s hear him tell it.

Ronny, tell us about yourself as an artist. 

30420437_2014838495449871_8199282538469275480_o.jpgMy name is Ronny Dutra, I’m Brazilian  born and raised  and I’ve been living in NYC since January 2012. No one in my family has anything to do with art,  but since a kid I always found myself doing artistic things, drawing, painting,  playing instruments,  acting, singing, dancing… it was always a big passion of mine. 

Unfortunately,  coming from a very poor family,  you grow up learning that being an Artist is not a profession, that one must be a lawyer,  doctor, or have any other kind of real jobs in order to have success in life. I did some plays, musicals, dance shows, but have my 9-5 job working for the government and i spent all my life seeing Art as a hobby in my life. Until 2011 when all fell into place and i decided to move to NYC to change my life being an Artist, i knew there was something there (here) for me.

Your career has taken you to international arenas dancing, singing, and so much more. Share with us something of your journey … the stuff we won’t find in the press release.

30424978_2014838442116543_4857346752354663845_o.jpgWow, there’s just so much to be shared. But lets start from the beginning – lol – it all started a month after i moved to NYC. I went for a job interview to work with professional ballroom dancing. By then  i was willing to take any job offer related with singing, acting, dancing or any combination of the three. 

 I was very lucky to have found someone who really believed in me and was willing to give me an opportunity in the ballroom dance industry. What most people don’t know is that , in Brazil,  there’sno such industry, not the way we know in U.S and Europe. It was a COMPLETELY new creature to me, a huge challenge for me but i was determined and ABSOLUTELY ready to prove myself and open every possible door i could ! A BIG plus that truly helped me open many doors is something called “Argentine Tango”!  As a specialist  i had people coming from all over the tristate area just to train with me! So fast forward 4 years of crazy hard work,  i was really able to be very successfull, traveling the country and to other countries, performing, competing,  choreographing, really enjoying all the perks the indudtry has to offer. But it wasnt enough for me. There was so much more i wanted to do and explore, so when i was at the top of my ballroom dance career, i decided to leave everything so i could focus on the other aspects of my artistic career. And for the past 2 years i found a wonderful balance between my passions. And recently debuted my one-man cabaret show “Wave” , telling my story, from when i left brazil till today.

What Inspires you as an artist? 

30051653_2014838432116544_3075703063706168724_o.pngOH BOY! This question always gets me! I’d  say that my inspiration comes in “Waves” (pun intended – lol). It really depends i  what part of my life i am. In the past, lots of my inspiration came from the reward of being able to touch people with my art and knowing that even if just ONE person was touched by my art, my mission was accomplished. Nowadays,  i still believe in that,  but i think i turned into a much more complex person and im in an eternal search of truth and authenticity, personality, in anything i do! Im no longer looking to show anything to an audience.  i just wanna be “naked”, “vulnerable”, “truthful” with myself, and LET IT SHOW! 


Its been a wonderful new perspective for me

Try getting “naked” in front of a packed theater telling your very own story – LOL

What are your biggest obstacles? 

28795993_10214775088629325_9161408678498667431_n.jpgPacking a bag , leaving everything behind and moving to a completely different country to start a life. That’s quite an obstacle! – laughs – but kidding aside. It taught me a lot! To never take anything for granted, especially when you didn’t have anything to begin with. UNKNOWN CRAZY ROOMMATES!! TALK ABOUT AN OBSTACLE! But moving on….Being an immigrant has its thorns too. Get the right visa, wait, social security, more wait,  papers, papers, papers, wait again, pay taxes,  and all the logistics you might imagine! Not to mention the language! Accent is cute, sure! But not when you’re auditioning for an american role in an american play! So yes, ive had my obstacles.  I did took tons of advantages of the “Young-sexy Brazilian tango dancer” card.  So I’d say one thing balanced the other. And I still do. Grrrr

What’s your ultimate goal?

To be able to have a happy successfull life doing what i love to do, sahring with as many people as possible! Im already on my way there, and every day is a new adventure and a new way of experiencing all that.

26994031_10214433178281780_8482999433699851376_n.jpgFINAL THOUGHTS 

Just like to thank for the opportunity of the interview. It always so much fun!



“PLEASURE” AND “HABLA ME” ARE FILMED and already being edited!!

More About me at

Instagram @ronnydutra 

Facebook @RonnyDutraOficial

Youtube channel: ronnydutra


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