WYSIWYG is RFAWD (Really Fun and Well Done)

Troupe_photo_2048.jpgWYSIWYG the Musical
By April Alsup & Evan Duggan
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

Review by Alexa Garcia

Just cause you’re connected to Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you are connected to someone. WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get is a musicalized timely tale about how in today’s world we DISconnect from ourselves and each other as we plug into our electronic devices. The characters are drawn to the internet to satisfy each of their own irresistible urges to experience their second life. Mark, a holistic therapist uses various techniques to try and get his participants of his support group to become more open with expressing their inner feelings, but the members feel so empowered when living their secret lives online that they can’t stop and they continue to hide their true feelings in their everyday lives.

WYSIWYG, directed by Brandon Bill, with music/lyrics by April Alsup, and a book by Evan Duggan, gave us a much-needed cautionary tale with amazing vocals and catchy lyrics. Benefitting Ackerman Institute for the family, known for being one of the premier institutions for family therapy and one of the most highly regarded training facilities for family therapists in the United States, this musical serves as an apt commercial. All the Planet musicals were all high-quality this season with WYSIWYG clearly leading the bunch. Its messages: LOVE YOURSELF not your online monikers, stop, and smell the roses … or at least listen to some great tunes.

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