Pole Hilarity

You-Hold-a-Pole-Everyday-_2_.DPI_300.jpgYou Hold A Pole Everyday Day By Laura Sisskin
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

We can choose what to do and who to be. It’s in our hands. Actor/singer Laura Sisskin performs a darkly/comic/musical one-woman show about an unsettling sexual encounter that leads her to a pole-dancing class and revelations about her embarrassing childhood memories. Now she must rethink her past and herself to move on in the future and change.

You Hold A Pole Every Day is a bit of a musical, with a bit of dancing, serious topics and lots of wisecracking, whimsical remarks. It’s both written and performed by Laura Sisskin with direction by Astrid Cook. The production is choreographed by Laura Murphy and the sound design, plus compelling music and lyrics are by Laura Sisskin. The production is benefitting Girls Inc NYC, a women’s youth program that is designed to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold, encourage them to say yes to exciting challenges, growth encouraging risks, and valuable new experiences. It also helps improve girls’ emotional development by challenging them to discover their full potential. In a certain (may be not appropriate for young girl) way this production teaches that. The main character isn’t very confident or rather she struggles to let herself feel special. However, through the pole dancing class, she comes to revelations and a realization.

The moral of this production is to not let anyone hurt you in any way that’ll make you feel insignificant or small. As females we can’t let ourselves be taken advantage of, we must always be confident, strong, and bold. Message coupled with powerful, expert acting and singing made this a truly enjoyable evening. The proper amount I also found it be more humorous then dark but when the actress had the mood in the air dropped as everyone focused on her words. I was impressed by the tears in her eyes and the small interactions made with the audience. Even though it wasn’t a full house the sound of the cheers and applause received at the end definitely seemed like it was.

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