Beautiful Ugly

37382641_10209918625041877_6373761197027622912_n.jpgThe Ugly Kids by Anne Michael and Tony Macht

The Fresh Fruit Festival @ The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street, NYC

Reviewed by Jade Fernandez

If you’re a musical lover like me, this is the play for you! Writer Anne Michael and composer Tony Macht have created a musical about Chris. A girl in a poetry club with her friends who is also struggling with an eating disorder. Chris is also in love with her roommate, Alice who might be in love with Chris but the two cannot be together because Chris wants Alice to be more of a savior than a lover which Alice knows she cannot be for her. As Chris struggles to love herself she learns from the help of poetry and a whole lot of singing that she must be the one to save her own life.

The Ugly Kids includes Moira McAuliffe as Chris, Patrick Swailes Caldwell and Joey Nasta as Chris’s friends, and Kendall Cafaro as Alice. All these performers are fantastic singers!  The show was directed by JT Friedman who put together a great team including: costumes by Danica Martino, set design by Sarina Rivera, and lighting design by Elizabeth McManamon. to Tony Macht give an impressive performance playing live the whole show as well.

The only issue with the show was the love connection between Chris and Alice. I felt it could have been executed differently. I did not feel any emotion for the two and I was simply not moved by it. However, the overall show was excellent, impressive, and a bit sad. Yes, not being able to be with the one you love is sad but, having friends that will breakout into song could make it even more interesting.


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