Johnny Roggio: Renaissance Man!

See Johnny this Thursday with

Beginnings as part of

Broadway’s Town Hall

presentation of


Tell us about yourself as an artist.


My name is Johnny Roggio. A Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwirter& Recording Artist. I have been doing what I do since I was a teenager & have never looked back.

Played all sorts of venues around this country from bars to stadiums. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have toured the world with several different artists & have done Broadway shows as well. I now make Beginnings my home, and I’m loving the people I work with & perform with in this outstanding show. I bring everything I have to the stage and try to make people feel what I do in their hearts and in their souls. I try to make them have fun, making it look easy & having a grand ole time doing it as well.

Share with us a little something about the bands or the show that we WON’T see in the press release.

Mason-Swearingen-Johnny.jpgOur show is a non-stop energetic celebration of the music of Chicago. What people don’t know until they see us, is that we also bring our own magic to the stage & help to make people feel every note, word & emotion to every song we do. Smiles are our main objective from stage to seat, the ticket holders are in for a real good time.




You are keeping great musical works alive and sharing them with new generations. How does that feel? Do you have a greater sense of responsibility because of it?

Keeping this music alive & sharing our version of it is a feeling that’s indescribable. Not to sound cliche’ or corny but, we often speak of how magical & powerful what do is. It’s a major responsibility to capture not only the music, but the memories that come alive in the audience when we perform their favorite song. We see people become young again. Watch people cry & also see them laugh because of something we did, played or reenacted onstage for them. I’ll close that by saying, that’s some powerful stuff right there.


-fo4bAG2_400x400.jpgHow does the music of Chicago and Motown resonate today? Feel free to be blunt. 

The music resonates in a huge way. As I said earlier, it takes people back to another time. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but they feel something & that’s the goal. The music has already passed the test of time & it resonates to another level of new fans, old & young faces and sometimes, even a whole new audience to the original band they never got to see.

OK, you’re gonna be on BROADWAY! How does THAT feel?

I’ve actually been on Broadway before so it’s not my first, but I will tell you, it’s something that is & always will be the best feeling there is. Ain’t nothing like Broadway to me. Some performers play it off, but I have always told people, “there is nothing like the magic, that is Broadway.” We are so looking forward to this show.


What’s next?  

Well, this band, at this time is totally “On Fire”. We all love what we do & love each other as well. It makes it feel like we are unstoppable & we want to just keep making our show bigger & better each & every time we hit that stage. We will be all over this great country in the next weeks, months & years. We look forward to getting overseas as well.

CmM finalFinal thoughts?

Life is tough, so when those lights go out and that show begins, we give the audience that escape.

An escape into the another time & place. Into the music and memories they remember then.

Making Beginnings fans through the music of Chicago feels like a gift.

We are both enamored & humble by all the love & admiration we get during our shows.

Being able to do this night after night is not only a joy, but an honor & privilege. It’s our job to make people “Smile”



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