Dan Hendrix’ Trombone led the big parade!

In 2002, a group of celebrated professional musicians – veterans of the New York music scene – came together to form Beginnings.

While Beginnings was designed as a tribute to the 70s/80s classic band Chiacago, the musicians are certainly not mimics. These formidable players infuse the classic – and highly memorable tunes of Chacgo with their own spoecial style, adding musical commentary and 21st Century touches allowing them to stabnd nbext to the biogrtaphical showings along Broadway like Jerrsey Boys, Mama Mia, American idiot, and so many more. Now, Town Hall will contribute to the Broadway skyline by hosting a special one-night-only concert featuring the phenomenal band, Beginnings, and their tribute to the legendary 70/80s band, Chicago; and That Motown Band – celebrating the 60s record label that fostered powerful, definite and historic music.

Preemo Productions in association with Town Hall hosts a concert honoring the American rock band, Chicago, and the timeless music of Motown

Across our five arts sites, we will cover this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Look for articles on Beginnings members:

Mason Swearingen

Adam Seely

Dan Hendrix 

Chris Milillo

… and producer, Ed Levine

Next to hit our spotlight is Dan Hendrix.

Dan 2.jpgTell us about yourself as an artist (include other things you have done/are doing/will be doing).

My name is Dan Hendrix.  I am the trombone player for Beginnings.   I am also a producer/engineer and run an entertainment company as well as teach.  I have had the privilege of playing with many national artists and tribute bands over the last 20 years including Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Big Shot and Johnny Mathis as well as tributes to EWF, Motown, The Rat Pack, and several others.  Playing with Beginnings is a whole different experience though, since the trombone part is so much more than just a background instrument.  The music is very challenging (and fun!) and the stage energy needed to attempt to live up to the legendary James Pankow is quite an undertaking!

You are keeping great musical works alive and sharing them with new generations. How does that feel? Do you have a greater sense of responsibility because of it?

It feels really incredible.   The show is so much fun to play, and the audience really connects with the music in a way I have never seen with a tribute act before.  There is a huge feeling of responsibility to deliver one of the greatest catalogs of music of all time in an accurate and authentic way, and this group has really done that.

How does the music of Chicago and Motown resonate today? Feel free to be blunt. 

It’s just so refreshing compared to a lot of the newer music that has come out, which can feel pretty sterile in comparison.  The music of Chicago and Motown both have a certain depth in the song writing and performance as well as the production that is really unparalleled today.

OK, you’re gonna be on BROADWAY! How does THAT feel?


What’s next?  

Well, the schedule for the next year is filling up really quickly, so next is just clearing the calendar and making way for an epic run of shows with an incredible group of guys!

Final thoughts? 


Look for articles on

Mason Swearingen

Adam Seely

Dan Hendrix 

Chris Milillo

CmM final


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