Spotlight on… Cabaret Chanteuse Andrea Bell Wolff

iconsquareF778BEDB-9ACE-1B66-38136E2E6F6708AALOVE! Andrea Bell Wolff’s been there and done that! Now she’ll share, with her audience, the ups-and-downs, laughter & tears, that is the roller-coaster ride of finding true love. Broadway and cabaret notable, Andrea Bell Wolff is getting ready for Valentine’s Day by reviving her celebrated cabaret show, PRISONER OF LOVE

Musical Direction and Arrangements by Barry Levitt
Direction by Peter Napolitano
February 3rd @ 8pm
Don’t Tell Mama NYC
343 W 46th St, New York City
$20.00 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum per person
$15.00 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum per person MAC
Seating starts at 7:30PM
Approximate running time: 65 minutes

So, tell us the story of Andrea Bell Wolff.

Andrea-1-222x180I suppose you would call me a multi faceted performer because I am a singer-actress-comedian My show business career began when I joined the cast of the Nation Tour of Hello Dolly!with none other then Carol Channing I was 16  and attending Professional Children’s School  when I was cast to play  the role of Ermengarde. Three months later I was thrown into the Broadway production and later moved into the role of Minnie Fay . I did a total od five different productions. I was a teenager living alone in New York which was very lonley so when opportunity came along to do The Bottoms Up Review in Las Vegas I was off and running. It was great fun and while I was there did some commercials for some of the casinos and then was off to Australia,where we did the show and two TV specials. Back to the east coast in my early twenty’s I went on to Do The Imaginary invalid with EG Marshall and Ruby Dee , Grease with Andrea McArdle Little Shop of Horrors, Funny Girl,and even became the sometime warm up girl for the Ed Sullivan Show.when I was singing with Your Fathers Mustache Band. At the end of his  show we even made an appearance That was exciting! Working on a cruise ship, tv commercials traveling to Chile where I sang in front of 50,000 people, doing a TV pilot  for CBS that never sold, and singing with numerous bands both cover and original kept me afloat.I married raised two children did an original show which I co wrote and did a revival of LI’L Abner playing Mammy Yokum at Goodspeed Opera House.

This show is autobiographical. How does it feel telling your story on stage … with music?

Three years ago I entered the Cabaret Scene working with the late great Barry Levitt as my musical director. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly in September. Three days before one of my shows. I was devastated ,but knew he would want me to continue. My directer Peter Napolitano suggested Mathew Martin Ward. He has been a gem to work with. My show Prisoner Of love came about as I was pondering a theme. There have been numerous show about falling in love , heartache in love etc , However I felt I wanted to sing about the dark side of love . Researching music for a year we started the journey . My past has been dictated by the numerous men I have had in my life. Being a child of the 60’s I was part of the free love generation. I have no apologizes. My relationships have been good and horrible. The show started with numerous dark comedy songs which we later discarded and Prisoner of Love is a mature show which may have you laughing or crying. I feel I have produced numerous emotions in my audience. That has been my reward for doing this show.



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